Nextcloud Bookmarks

An Android front end for the Nextcloud Bookmark App based on the new REST API NextCloudBookmarks version 3.2.1 This project is 100% open source project in gitlab.

This app provides you with a web interface for collecting, organizing and sharing bookmarks to the sites on the web that are precious to you. You can browse and filter your bookmarks via tags, folders and by using the built-in search feature and you can share folders with other users and groups as well as create public links for them. Also, in order to access your bookmarks anywhere, it also allows you to synchronize with third-party clients via a built-in REST API, be it in your browsers or on your phone.

Meet Nextcloud Bookmarks

  • 🔌 Works offline

    This android app does not need connected to bookmark server always. This makes this app special.

  • 🔖 Label Bookmarks

    Mark bookmarks as favorite Organize your bookmarks with labels.

  • 🏷 Manage tags

    This android app manage your tags effectively.

  • 🌎 Multi language support

    This app support most popular European language. You can add your own language to the repo.

  • 🏷 Multiple accounts

    You can add multiple accounts.Simply login and log out implementation.

  • 🔖 Organize your bookmarks with labels

    You can add multiple accounts.Simply login and log out implementation.

  • Create, edit, share and delete Bookmarks

    You can edit add and delete bookmarks.

  • Share Bookmarks

    You can share bookmarks anytime.

Meet Biswajit

Biswajit is a UK based Cloud DevSecOps professional, passionate about Android Development and Cricket! He designs solutions for on-premises to cloud migrations, while in his free time works on creating Android Apps, 5 of which are already on the Play store.

  • 15 years Cloud DevSecOps Experience
  • Strong programming Background
  • 60 + enterprise projects delivered
  • AWS AWS certified Solution architect
  • 1 global Recognition

Time is a challenge! Biswajit was contributing to several open-source project, but at some point he could only dedicate his time to one project and decided to go for Nextcloud.

Biswajit Das
Privacy, having your data under control, open-source! These things are motivating me to invest my time contributing to Nextcloud.

Initially it was a little challenging to understand the Nextcloud ecosystem as a new contributor however I am very comfortable now. The challenges I’ve faced in app developement have to do with implementing single sign-on and folder structure for Nextcloud Bookmarks.

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The android app is available in F-droid and Amazon app store.
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